It’s not so complicated. This Game of Thrones fan dumbs it down for you

Faraz Ahmed

A thirst for power has long been one of man’s most defining attributes. We know it from the stories of kings and queens who ruled kingdoms in ancient times, with the odd dragon thrown in, and we know it from watching games unfold on news channels, the theatre of politics playing out on television screens, on our digital feeds, really everywhere you look.

Characters in history may differ from present-day ones in the clothes they wear, weapons they use, languages they speak and castles in which they live, but the hunger for power is arguably the same.

Why else are people (like me!) so hooked to Game of Thrones (GoT hereon)? The show is not just a mix of language, action and art but it also has a strong story that you can relate to. GoT reflects upon so many areas of our daily lives that you begin reflecting on larger matters. What it’s like to be hungry for power, to yearn for peace, to find love, to find meaning and purpose.

Of the many series people watch online and on television, GoT will make you stick it out on that couch till the season finale.

I fell in love with this show after the first two episodes of Season 1. I can’t praise the plot enough. The background score, the casting, the storytelling, and the continuous suspense, are why it’s probably the greatest show on the screen right now.

“Enemies to the East

Enemies to the West

Enemies to the South

Enemies to the North.”

As a fan, just watching this bit in the Season 7 trailer gave me goosebumps. This is what we all have been waiting for since the past six seasons, for the kingdoms to meet (for small talk or a battle) with each other. Finally! Even if you are new to this show, you can still tell it’s about the fight for the throne. This is no ordinary fight and no ordinary throne. It’s the Iron Throne. Let that stay with you.

The last season finale left us awed. Writer George Martin knows how to throw a surprise at his audience. This time, one of them was the way the iron throne was taken over by Cersei Lannister, the most, let’s just say, ‘historic’ queen in the history of all medieval stories.

The Season 7 teaser poster depicts an ice dragon we haven’t seen before. There have been other dragons, with human moms (don’t ask me how, you have to watch the show to know it’s the most normal thing for a dragon to have a human mommy). The past six seasons have been about these dragons growing up. Now it’s time for them to step out of home and make mommy (Daenerys Targaryen) proud. I can take a guess at who will be riding those three dragons. One is going to be mommy, I’m guessing, but we’ll have to wait and see.

In the show, each kingdom has its own story. Each kingdom is called a house. And each house believes that they are the rightful claimants of the Iron Throne. Writer Martin’s had a great deal of fun twisting the plot to throw viewers off the scent.

This show is PG rated for a reason. Do not watch the show with the family. Save yourself the embarrassment. There will be times when you will want to replay scenes (I meant the epic dialogues and action sequences, but I like the way you think), and you may not want your folks or your kids around for that.

Even being a Marvel and DC fan, I can say this show is the best. After the end of every season, you too might need a moment to think about what happened and what comes next. I had a blood rush after each season finale and until the next season comes by, I feel life is meaningless.

Once you start watching, the theme track will stick in your head. I’ve said for every season ‘that this season is the best,’ but this time, I can say with conviction that Season 7 will truly be the best. And I’ll probably say this for the last season as well (in 2018).

Season 7 goes on air mid-July. The wait for me has been more painful than waiting for my girlfriend to reply to my messages. I’m kidding, I don’t have a girlfriend. But seriously, the wait for a Game of Thrones worshipper has been painful, considering the epic Season 6 finale, and the trailer for Season 7. If you haven’t given the show a chance, I suggest you start. Now would be a perfect time to watch from the beginning. By the time Season 7 comes, you will be ready for winter. Don’t ask me to explain the reference. I don’t want to spoil it for you.

Faraz is a stand-up comic and digital marketing professional


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