Lose the old face mask. Now apply gemstones on your mug

By Sujata Assomull

While Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, all gemstones can bring a sparkle to a woman’s face. For men who can afford it, buying jewellery tops the list when it comes to getting a gift for their partner. You can’t go wrong with a bit of bling. Retail therapy can’t always bring jewels home, unless of course you have a bottomless bank balance — hence the popularity of shoes. Luckily,  topping the more affordable side of most wishlists are beauty products. Meld beauty with precious stones, and you literally have a gem of an idea.

Kuwait’s Sheikha Intisar Al-Sabah and Sheikha Fatima Al-Sabah found a way to do this when they launched Prismologie, a line of mood-enhancing beauty products, three years ago. This mother-daughter duo enjoyed making their own homemade face cleansers and oils and only used natural and ethically sourced products. The idea of combining beauty products with the science of colour and the healing properties of gemstones came to them when they organised personal development workshops in Kuwait. “One of the courses was in colour therapy… Everything we see has colour, so why not use that power actively to change the way you feel, your moods or emotions and to embrace a new and improved state of mind. We decided to create a bodycare line that translates the effects of colours into products that we use daily,” says Sheikha Fatima Al-Sabah.

I have to admit, at first it sounded a bit too new age — even for me. I try to use mostly natural beauty products and stay away from anything chemical as far as possible. But then I tried the jade and vetiver bath oil after a day that involved too many deadlines. After that one bath, I was a convert. I’m not sure if it was the fragrance or the jade’s healing properties but one soak is all it took to wash away my day of strain. The products come with a price tag that befits a treasure — the bath oil costs around Dh270 for 100ml, so I would reserve Prismologie’s products for special occasions or when your stress levels feel chronic.

The range includes shower gels, foot creams and body scrubs. There are six hues in the range, each linked to a gemstone. Explains Sheika Fatima, “Gemstones have been used as amulets and cherished for their protective and healing powers for thousands of years. You find gem-encrusted bowls, jewellery, clothing and all sorts in the museums of all civilisations. And we believe in the transformative powers of colour.”

The Arab soul is very apparent as Oud and Cedarwood are ingredients in many products, and it has a definite connect with women of this region. While Prismologie is gaining ground in Europe and the US, the brand’s founders firmly believe their main market will always be at home, “Let’s not forget that for women, wearing black is a big part of the culture in the Middle East. Prismologie  allows  them  to  add colour to their lives without actually having to wear it conspicuously.”

Where do you get these products? In Abu Dhabi, check out Beauty Nation at Yas Mall and in Dubai, the Mademoiselle store, Galleria Mall.

The Treasure Box

Healing properties of the six gems used in Prismologie products


The most sought after of all gemstones, known to clear away negative energy. The whitest and clearest of all precious stones, it represents purity.


The stone of intuition and meditation. Its indigo colour helps calm and soothe.


A yellow gemstone known for its warmth, and for helping with confidence and clarity. Yellow increases happiness.


The ruby instills vitality and strength. Red has always been associated with passion and vibrancy.

Rose Quartz

Restores trust and harmony in relationships. It’s the stone women wear when they want to attract love. And pink of course, is the colour of romance.


This green mineral rock is used for balance in crystal therapy. In Feng Shui, jade is the good luck stone

Sujata is the fashion editor at Khaleej Times.She makes it her business to stay on trend




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