Fun, excitement and adventure peak during KT Desert Drive

By Nilanjana Gupta

The inaugural Khaleej Times Desert Drive was a resounding success with over 1,100 participants conquering the UAE desert aboard 550 4X4 cars on Friday.

It was an unforgettable outdoor experience for families, friends, thrill-seekers, newbies and experienced drivers who enjoyed the adrenaline rush.

The weather was cool but the excitement was high as Galadari Brothers’ Mohammed Abdullatif Galadari and Ibrahim  Abdullatif Galadari flagged off the convoy at 9.30am.

Vehicles then made their way into the desert as 60 marshals  guided them through the 124km-long desert adventure from Barracuda Beach Resort in Umm Al Quawain to Bassata camp in the Wadi desert of Ras Al Khaimah. The UAQ and RAK police were also on hand at checkpoints to control the traffic.

The route was divided into eight sections and each section was preceded by a checkpoint to track the progress of the participants. There were some minor sebacks though, with some cars getting stuck in the desert, but the marshals and rescue teams were quick to respond and ensured the drivers were soon on their way.

After the day-long fun drive, participants retreated to a desert camp in Ras Al Khaimah, where entertainment and other activities, including an all-inclusive dinner and exciting games awaited them before they returned to their respective homes. —

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