Thank you for all the music, Sir Paul

By Keith Pereña

I may have not grown up in an era when the Beatles reigned supreme, but even then, when I read about (and watched on YouTube) Sir Paul McCartney’s recent performance in Chile, it left me in awe! Though the Beatles icon has ditched his dye to show off his silver locks, he looked much more younger than his 76 years, and as he took to stage for an energetic performance that belied his age, he had fans – young and old – screaming and eating out of his hand as he belted out hit after hit. This proved one thing, that the legend may be old but he is surely not out. He’s a pop rock power that’s hard to ignore – even by the millennials.

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The purr-fect way to end my aversion to animals

By Janice Rodrigues

Of course, I love animals. I think they’re all great — as long as they’re behind the bars of a zoo. It was the comment I would usually think (or sometimes even dare say) when someone cooed over a pet and then judgmentally glanced over to see why I wasn’t sharing their enthusiasm. Having been born and raised in Oman, dealing with animals of any sort did not come naturally to me. I rarely, if ever, saw a dog on the streets, and could count the number of times I had interacted with a pet on the fingers of one hand. Add to the fact that my mother had been bitten by a stray dog when she was a toddler, and you can see where my aversion to pets stemmed from.

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