I’m in love with the shades of summer

By Sandhya D’Mello

My soul delights at the sight of a blue sky and a patch of greenery, and they are my best friends now. At times, nature is kind enough to paint a few white clouds on that canvas of the blue sky. Why am I sharing my choice of preferred colours? Well, I have realised that colour sets the tone and mood of our days, and with summer glaring at me, I am all set to embrace it as I do every year, with my collection of summer attire in pastel shades.

The summer shades help me stay calm and bring in a certain surreal peace. I’ve long been intrigued by the mystery of colours. Red is a sign of danger, blue can make you feel blue, and white brings about a sense of righteousness (never mind the demons waging war between your flesh and soul). But as summer knocks, my mind starts racing at the speed of light as I consider clearing the clutter in my wardrobe to make room for new outfits in pastel tones.

The obsession with pastels, floral patterns and simple designs that soothe the eyes are most welcomed in summer. During this season, I find that I develop an aversion to bright hues and loud prints. Is it just me or do most of us feel the same way? And so, I turn to soothing shades for a breezy and elegant feel. White, lemon, peach, beige, light yellow, baby pink…the list is endless. Pick your favourite colour and be your own designer. Mix and match cotton kurtis/kurtas and tops with sleek trousers, jeans, capris, palazzos and so on. Summertime is pampering time. You pick your outfits according to the weather, to be comfortable and at peace throughout the day. With Dubai offering varied options and countless global brands launching summer deals, this is the time to look out for the best bargains that fit your pocket.

My love affair with chikan cotton kurtas started in my teens as I stepped into college. I combined a kurta and a pair of jeans to put together a smart outfit. This combination, a personal choice, became my trait and till date, I love wearing khadi kurtas. Fabindia, Jaypore and Hands of India are my go-to brands for some lovely prints and colours. Often, my friends and colleagues joke that I should be the brand ambassador for these stores.

For the next few months, I will oscillate between my love for kurtas and cotton sarees with chikan or kota work. I will be like a child in a toy store, ogling at new outfits in store windows in the malls, wanting to own my world of attire — all in pastels, please!
As for the bright reds, vibrant purples, dark greens, blazing browns and jet blacks; they’re begging to be wrapped and carefully placed in the last drawer of my closet until the end of September.


Sandhya is busy rearranging her wardrobe and checking out deals on cotton wear.

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