What’s stopping you from seeing the world?

By Neha Mahamood

A decade. That’s 10 years for the uninitiated. People accomplish quite a bit in 10 years when they follow their dreams and work hard. But how many of us dreamers out there have actually been anywhere outside of our hometown? I pose this question to you as someone who has been sitting on the idea of travelling the world for over — you guessed it — 10 years.

For many of us, the humdrum of daily life can take away our dreams or maybe make them a little jaded. Taking the same route to work every day, crunching those numbers, having those numbers crunch you back once in a while, the same old lunch, the same old colleagues, the same old small talk. The kids are great Linda, thank you for asking.

Bustling New York, the beautiful Amalfi Coast, the enigmatic Aurora Borealis — they all become background music as we get stuck into the comfortable routine of our daily life at our desks. But are we truly happy? Can we live another 10 years of not having been to any of the places on our ever-increasing lists?

What really stops us from taking that leap, booking that flight ticket and a room at that cozy Airbnb you’ve been eyeing? Saving up for the future? How many times have you used that as an excuse only to go and spend an unmentionable amount on retail shopping?
Because, let’s be honest, if we curbed our cravings and bought only what we really needed, chances are we could have perhaps taken a trip to Georgia and had a good time. So what’s really stopping us from seeing what’s out there? The Golden Gate Bridge, free ride skiing in the North of Macedonia or lazing on the white sandy beaches of Cuba cannot wait any longer. They beckon our presence, they call us to widen our horizons.

Take those vacation days you’ve been sitting on; tell your boss you have things to do and take a trip to those exotic places. Keep putting off your bucket list, sooner or later you’ll kick the bucket and that’ll be that. It’s about time you ticked a few places off that raggedy old list of yours. What say you?


A 2018 Hogwarts alumna, Neha spends her days with her nose stuck in a book dreaming about travelling the world.

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