It’s summer, so why don’t you just, well, chill out?

By Disha Dadlani

There’s not much that’s good about the summer. Neither the beaches and the ice creams, nor the pastels and the refreshing beverages. These are all just quick fixes to, well, ‘beating the heat’. But, let’s face it, there’s no beating the heat when it comes to the UAE’s hot weather.

When summer comes, and I’m at my lethargic best. It’s 44 degrees outside (and that’s putting it generously), my phone warns. And before I know it, I would have found an excuse to ditch my evening walk plan. However, this lethargy is not just forgiven but celebrated, almost rewarded. After a long day, I come home to a glass of refreshing chaas, aam panna, or mango smoothie. I could lay on the bed for an hour or two and nobody would say anything. Yes, I’m taking advantage of the scorching sun. I am guilty as charged!

I miss the luxury of a two-month long summer vacation that I enjoyed as a student. We’d escape the heat and enjoy the monsoons back in India. Sometimes, we chose to stay at home for a part of the vacations. A break from the mundane routine to create our own holiday routine was a good idea.

Shoe-polish Saturdays: As we drew closer to the end of our summer vacations, we began devoting Saturday mornings to white clothes, a shoe polish and a brush. We brushed our shoes until our hands got dirty and our shoes became clean.
French-toast Fridays: My dad likes to think he’s a great cook and we’ve always indulged him. His recipe to everything must include jeera powder, all the sauces from the fridge and cheese. Without YouTube or any reference for that matter, almost every Friday, he whipped us a perfect French toast.

Sleepover weekends: Sleepovers were common among us school friends. Each time we had one at my place, mum would slyly get us friends to compete to clean the methi leaves that she’d later cook for a dish.

Of course, a major chunk of the summer vacations was devoted towards completion of the dreaded holiday homework, no matter what part of the world I was in. In fact, I even remember being mocked at by family and friends for completing a worksheet on a cruise while on a holiday in Egypt.

Why am I strolling down memory lane? Well, once I stepped out of school, I missed my friends, the silly episodes we shared together and the teachers. But most of all, I missed the summer vacations. I’d be so busy having fun, I never cared to crib about the heat. While I can’t really enjoy the summers like I used to anymore, I make it fun by rewarding myself for no reason at all. Stay indoors, say yes to me-time, sip on cool beverages, polish a tub of fruity ice cream and go for a refreshing swim.

Yes, science explains why this season makes us feel lazy. But it also suggests that laziness is good for you. Fun fact: Every year, the people of a town in Colombia take to the streets in pyjamas and with hammocks and mattresses, to celebrate relaxation for an entire day. This event has been running since the 1980s and the purpose is to urge stressed employees to take it easy. Unrelated, but we can take a cue, right? The hustle can wait. Let’s chill a little this season.


Disha communicates in the language of memes and loves viral trends.

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