The Dh1 sundae topped with joy and selflessness

By Sandhya D’Mello

I often like to treat myself to a Dh1 sundae cone at McDonald’s. Ah, the pleasure it gives me; sitting peacefully in one place and relishing the treat is beyond words. And on one such night — like a kid in a car anxiously waiting to hit the joint — I was too excited to grab one. With a sundae, sometimes the greed of also tasting those mouth-watering fries makes me smile; even as I write this, those long, pastel-yellow and salty spuds are something I’d love to have right now.

Having left office past midnight, it was almost 1am when I demanded my better half to drive over to the Golden Arches. As I patiently queued, I witnessed a young lad at the counter who was very polished, full of optimism, beaming a charismatic smile and so objective.
I was compelled to know if he had just started his shift or was about to go home — even checking the time just to confirm if what I was witnessing was for real. The lad was selflessly serving everyone patiently; I deliberately let people go ahead of me, pretending to be occupied with something just to observe how this employee is able to serve every single customer with a genuine smile — a smile that was not perhaps influenced by a marketing guru or any coach who insists to stay positive in the face of trials. And that smile and pleasure came with a constant approach of positive behaviour, irrespective of customers’ age or nationality.

The respect he gave every single customer was worth millions, with an invisible slogan that he had — like saying “happy, very happy to serve you”. I must say, seldom will you be treated to such service and I vouch for it. And mind you, I was treated like a queen despite my meagre order for Dh5 fries and, of course, a Dh1 sundae.

Over the years, I have developed a habit of dropping a few lines of appreciation for employees whenever and wherever I can, because I believe it does motivate them to treat customers well. The lad’s name, Roshan, printed on his nameplate pinned to his neatly-tucked uniform, asked me, “how can I help you?” Before I grab my grub, the journalist in me couldn’t resist asking him more details.
Roshan Kumar Singh is 23 years old, hails from Nepal and has been working with the company since August last year. And what inspires him to serve customers selflessly?

“Working for an employer like this means that I have a clear understanding of where my career is headed and I’m taken care of by the company. This motivates me to extend the same courtesy, care and quality of service to our customers. It’s the company culture that enables me to do my very best every day and ensure our customers are taken care of in the best way possible.”

I appreciate being given the opportunity to formally speak to Roshan. But the truth is he is beyond this quote; see it — or, more appropriately, experience it — to believe it, as they say. It isn’t uncommon to see pretentious staff at these joints when you order food, so he’s really a whiff of fresh air. Now anyone who would like to be treated like a king or queen — even for just one measly Dh1 sundae — head out to the Al Muhaisinah branch in Al Qusais. Roshan’s waiting for you — and he’s probably also smiling just by doing that.


Sandy hates when her Dh1 sundae melts before she reaches her car.

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