How Qadir put more wrist in my bowling

By Tirtho Banerjee

Back in the early-80s, in Varanasi to be precise, cricket ran in my veins. I lived the passion every single moment.  After returning from school, I used to eagerly wait for the clock to strike 4pm, and with spring in my steps, I would stride towards the Sigra Stadium to indulge in the sport. It was during one of those practice sessions that a local hard-hitter, who would swat every ball he touched for a towering six, asked me: “Chotu (kid), have you seen Abdul Qadir bowl?” I hesitatingly nodded a shaky ‘No’. “Go, watch him,” was his terse advice.

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Why King Mahabali is always welcome in my home

By Dhanusha Gokulan

Onam is usually, always a big deal at home. Growing up, as much as my siblings and I loved the ‘Onam spirit’, my parents tend to go overboard with the festivities. Onam celebrations are not limited to religious borders, so, my folks love showing off ‘our culture’ to friends who are not Malayalees. This means, everyone is invited to have Sadhya, a nine-course vegetarian feast usually involving 22 dishes, at our home.

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A tea-time match made in heaven

By Rohma Sadaqat

got something for you; I was in the supermarket when I saw it and I remembered how much you loved them,” my mum said. I look, seeing her unpacking her suitcase after returning from her summer break in Pakistan and saw a sight that made me grin: In her hands was a box of very special biscuits — more specifically, a box of zeera biscuits. Now, ask any Pakistani what the best biscuits are to have with afternoon chai (tea) and they will almost always say that zeera (cumin) biscuits are your best bet. There are several others that might make the list — peanut, glucose and marie — but in terms of sheer dunk-into-you-chai delight, zeera biscuits reign supreme.

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