When hunting is a blood sport

By Bikram Vohra​

Somebody bought a regal-looking African grey parrot that for a long time stood sentinel at the escalator of a Jumeirah mall. Whenever we went shopping or to a movie, we would stop to say hello. He or she has gone now, leaving a visual void. Sad. But sadder still, that’s because of the market for these beautiful birds and their captivity that they’re now in the running for a place in the endangered species stakes. Lowest estimates put them at only 600,000 odd left.

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Get your Girl Power! On to battle odds

By Enid Parker

Dubai-based author Neha J Hiranandani says it was her search for positive role models for youngsters in India that led her to write Girl Power!, a comprehensive, colourful look at inspiring women from around the country. From an ‘amazing astronaut’ to the ‘coolest of coolies’ to a ‘warrior queen’ and a ‘daredevil doctor’, among many others, Girl Power!, available locally at Borders, Mall of the Emirates, celebrates women who lead by example, break the mould, battle against all odds, and refuse to be boxed into stereotypes.

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