Why you should clear your closet clutter

By Sandhya D’Mello

Is anyone’s dressing style proof of how organised his/her closet could be? I guess not. Clearing closet clutter seems a daunting task for many. I too try to escape this ‘dreaded’ ritual, but some people happen to do it on a regular basis. For me, it depends on how much filth and dust I can endure.

However, thanks to my strict spouse, we maintain cleanliness and declutter our closets, if not weekly then at least fortnightly. I, however, tend to take the liberty of the fact that I have a ‘busy life’ — as if the rest of the world doesn’t… never mind.

Out of my three kids, the boys dread their dad keeping a check on them, while the girl has neatly followed in her father’s footsteps: She has clearly instructed me to stay away from her wardrobe.

“Mama, please do not touch my clothes. You don’t keep them properly and daddy yells at me for being disorganised. Don’t arrange my clothes, I will do it.”

Though clearing the clutter is a chore, there’s a good side to it as well. It helps you rediscover a garment that you would have probably bought with much enthusiasm some time back and stuffed it in the wardrobe, only to pull it out months later from a pile.

Our huge wardrobe has a lot of storage space, but over time, the pile keeps on accumulating. So much so, that when I need to find a matching outfit to wear for an official meeting, it becomes a major task finding the right pair. And it’s only during such times that I promise to arrange the wardrobe and keep my outfits in ready-to-wear order. But given my busy schedule, I tend to put it off until things get out of control and puts me in a spot, especially if I have to attend an important event the next day.

Because of the mess, I can’t find a pair suitable for the occasion. At such times, I curse myself for being so disorganised and promise to bring about a change. However, I don’t stick to such vows.

I have often missed wearing some of my best sarees and dresses that I’ve picked over the years, as I can’t spot them in the pile. The worst is when I see a colleague or a friend wearing a similar outfit, a thought flashes… oops, I too have one… but where is it?

Many of us have this habit of looking into our wardrobe in the morning, wondering what to wear, just as you’re running late for the office. We simply grab anything that’s ironed and accessible easily — I fall into this category.

I knew a couple who would regularly go shopping, buy clothes that caught their fancy only to dump it in their wardrobe. They would seldom wear the clothes and never valued the collection. Then they would dump the never-worn collection from their earlier shopping spree to make way for new ones. It would invariably land in a charity box. What a criminal waste! Though I don’t fall into that category, I am very much guilty of clutter.   


Sandhya hates the ritual of clearing her clutter, both in her wardrobe and her mind.

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