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Here’s why single players don’t need a double

By Keith Pereña
Ten years ago, EA Games’ then label president made a statement on the state of single players games in the market which resulted in an uprising in the gaming community. According to a Wired report, Frank Gibeau said: “I think that model is finished. Online is where the innovation, and the action, is at.” The EA executive also called them “fire-and-forget, packaged goods only, single-player, 25-hours-and you’re out”, kinds of deals.

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This may be goodbye to Star Wars, but the Force will always be with me

By Rohma Sadaqat

How do you say goodbye to something that has been part of your life for so long?

The short answer to that is that you don’t, and the long answer is some variation of the phrase, “it’s complicated”. What am I talking about here? Well, recently, I got the chance to attend the premiere of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Ask any Star Wars fan about their plans for the winter break and chances are that they will tell you that December means a Star Wars movie is going to hit the theatres. It is all we can think and talk about in the months leading up to the release; I am pretty sure that I have quite a few long-suffering friends, who had to sit through many a lunch hour with me discussing theories and all things Star Wars. Continue reading This may be goodbye to Star Wars, but the Force will always be with me

If I had a wallet…

By Bikram Vohra​

Then I was in my teens, I got my first wallet and my mother put some money in it as a sign of forever prosperity because we, in our part of the world, believe so. That prophecy didn’t quite come true largely because I never got used to putting money in my wallet. I will put it in different pockets, stick it in my blazer, shove it into a side pocket of my jeans — I just don’t like to put cash in my wallet. This is kind of crazy, I admit, since that is the aim of wallets. But I have this irrational belief that if I put money in the wallet and it gets stolen there goes the money. There must be some of us out there who feel likewise and though our numbers won’t be large, who is to say we are not making sense. Also, imagine the thief’s face when he opens it and finds zilch… this scenario affords me a very warm and fuzzy feeling. Ha, ha, ha! Fooled you! Continue reading If I had a wallet…

Once upon a cottage in Serbia…

By Enid Parker

As I sat on a wooden bench sipping black coffee and watching the sun rise in all its glory on a chilly October morning, I experienced a strange kind of calm. I had no thoughts of what I must do next, and no recollections or regrets from the past. In that moment, all that existed was the moment itself – one of pure beauty and joy, the kind that only nature can provide. I also felt at home. Which was strange, considering we were hundreds of miles away from our home, Dubai. Continue reading Once upon a cottage in Serbia…

To cry or to laugh is the dilemma

By Suresh Pattali

If your wife doesn’t cook for you at home, cook for yourself. You are not in a restaurant, you are in a relationship.” This is one of the menacing quotes I typically receive on WhatsApp. It comes almost every day, as if my wife has complained to a battalion of her female friends, and mine, about her husband’s familial mannerisms and they ganged up to teach me a lesson on her behalf. I didn’t give a damn until my own beloved daughter jumped on the bandwagon. Continue reading To cry or to laugh is the dilemma