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Why I don’t wish to sit next to you

By Bikram Vohra

There you are at the airport all checked in and waiting to board, looking forward to a few hours of anonymity and solitude. Time to read a book, watch a movie, switch off that horrendous and overwhelming mobile phone, have no intrusions, actually ease off and savour the flight. Might as well start the book now. Flying is that one activity where you can actually escape remotes, shrill rings, pointless e-mails and messages and bask in solitude Continue reading Why I don’t wish to sit next to you

Musk must sleep like a baby for his next bout of genius

By Allan Jacob

I like Elon Musk and CEOs like him who make the impossible happen. Their innovative streak and their spark for ideas is infectious. It inspires people to be entrepreneurs who set out on their own and go against the grain. They are called visionaries, who envisage the future, who are driven, while mortals watch and fawn at their achievements. They can go on and on, and their contribution to humanity becomes the stuff of legend. “Iconic, out of the world!’’ are terms and phrases thrown about with stray abandon and the legion of admirers are only growing for these Silicon Valley types and titans. Continue reading Musk must sleep like a baby for his next bout of genius

Did America just win with love?

By Sherouk Zakaria

It was a hot Saturday afternoon when a handful of Americans gathered in upper Manhattan in New York to commence their march against the hate that has been wreaking havoc across the country.

They had decided to walk over 200 miles from New York’s George Washington bridge to Washington DC’s Lincoln monument over 10 days to carry the message of love. Continue reading Did America just win with love?