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Not-so-good neighbour Sam

By Bikram Vohra​

My friend is fighting with his neighbours. Fighting with neighbours is big business, especially if you live in blocks of flats with six inches of space between each other and start off your relationship on the boil. Expats have this tendency to come so close to each other until there is no sun peeking through. Literally in each other’s laps. Then the kids fight, the wives have a misunderstanding, the husbands come home after being slagged off by the boss in a sour mood and now they have to take sides and the frost settles in. Continue reading Not-so-good neighbour Sam

Are business cards still a thing today?

By Sandhya D’Mello

There was this time I witnessed my colleague cleaning his office drawer and, without any hesitation, mercilessly throwing a huge bunch of business cards in the dustbin, along with a statement: “I really don’t know what am I going to do with them.” It made me ponder how we all are sometimes desperate to give our visiting card or receive one from some important personality, who we would value or want to get acquainted with; having certain persons’ cards would be a something to flaunt. Continue reading Are business cards still a thing today?

Don’t ever mistake a salon for a barbershop

By Purva Grover

In the back pocket of my grandpa’s trousers lay hidden a tiny, pale blue-hued plastic comb. He’d take it out once or sometimes twice a day. I’d watch the tines work their magic on his silver hair. Grandma, on the other hand, owned a fancy hairbrush, which enjoyed a prominent space on her dresser. I loved her long henna’ed hair and was fascinated by how she tied it in a bun. Growing up, I made note of how my mum and aunts made appointments at salons, whilst dad and uncles would just walk to the barbershops, sans any prior arrangements.

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In the tunnel of Aids phobia, with memories of a princess

By Suresh Pattali

I always adored Princess Diana. In fact, Prince Charles and yours truly fell in love with Lady Di almost at the same time. Such beauty and grace; she took the British monarchy to the common man with her tireless philanthropic work across the world, earning for herself the nickname the People’s Princess. She changed the world’s perception about HIV/Aids by shaking hands with patients without wearing a glove. At that time, Aids patients were considered untouchables, as the international community was still debating how the disease transmitted.

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Access journalism detracts from speaking truth to power

By Anamika Chatterjee​

Social media in India may have taken a life of its own, but news channels continue to play a significant role in shaping public discourse. In his new book The Indian Newsroom, journalist and author Sandeep Bhushan maps the journey of Indian news channels. Here are edited excerpts of a conversation with Khaleej Times:

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