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For women, ‘just’ is a 4-letter word

By Bikram Vohra

read a very unusual article the other day — all about women and how they surrender their space and become secondary. It is such a fascinating read. With a wife, two daughters and three granddaughters I am arbitrarily employing this measure to see if they are also victims of this syndrome. They are so smart and yet, have they also been conditioned by hundreds of years of male training that in their subconscious mind they don’t realise they are rendering space to Caesar.

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Not-so-good neighbour Sam

By Bikram Vohra​

My friend is fighting with his neighbours. Fighting with neighbours is big business, especially if you live in blocks of flats with six inches of space between each other and start off your relationship on the boil. Expats have this tendency to come so close to each other until there is no sun peeking through. Literally in each other’s laps. Then the kids fight, the wives have a misunderstanding, the husbands come home after being slagged off by the boss in a sour mood and now they have to take sides and the frost settles in. Continue reading Not-so-good neighbour Sam

I saw a sleeping vampire in him

By Suresh Patalli

It’s close to midnight and raining in Moscow, which added more bite to the 1°C temperature consistent with the October climate. The golden glow from the illuminated GUM shopping mall in the merchant quarter known as Kitay-gorod mated with the rufescent brilliance radiating from the facades of the Kremlin, St Basil’s Cathedral and the State Historical Museum. I stood at the centre of the Red Square, lips and cheeks wind-burned, as a tsunami of emotions devoured me.

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