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If I had a wallet…

By Bikram Vohra​

Then I was in my teens, I got my first wallet and my mother put some money in it as a sign of forever prosperity because we, in our part of the world, believe so. That prophecy didn’t quite come true largely because I never got used to putting money in my wallet. I will put it in different pockets, stick it in my blazer, shove it into a side pocket of my jeans — I just don’t like to put cash in my wallet. This is kind of crazy, I admit, since that is the aim of wallets. But I have this irrational belief that if I put money in the wallet and it gets stolen there goes the money. There must be some of us out there who feel likewise and though our numbers won’t be large, who is to say we are not making sense. Also, imagine the thief’s face when he opens it and finds zilch… this scenario affords me a very warm and fuzzy feeling. Ha, ha, ha! Fooled you! Continue reading If I had a wallet…

Once upon a cottage in Serbia…

By Enid Parker

As I sat on a wooden bench sipping black coffee and watching the sun rise in all its glory on a chilly October morning, I experienced a strange kind of calm. I had no thoughts of what I must do next, and no recollections or regrets from the past. In that moment, all that existed was the moment itself – one of pure beauty and joy, the kind that only nature can provide. I also felt at home. Which was strange, considering we were hundreds of miles away from our home, Dubai. Continue reading Once upon a cottage in Serbia…

Not-so-good neighbour Sam

By Bikram Vohra​

My friend is fighting with his neighbours. Fighting with neighbours is big business, especially if you live in blocks of flats with six inches of space between each other and start off your relationship on the boil. Expats have this tendency to come so close to each other until there is no sun peeking through. Literally in each other’s laps. Then the kids fight, the wives have a misunderstanding, the husbands come home after being slagged off by the boss in a sour mood and now they have to take sides and the frost settles in. Continue reading Not-so-good neighbour Sam

Heard about this guy who’s caused 4,000 breakups?

By Sushmita Bose

Two (standout) things happened over the past few days. First, a colleague-cum-young-friend got married. Before she proceeded on wedding leave, I grilled her mercilessly, and she was sporting enough to bear it all with a grin and generally be cooperative with answers, even as she dodged a few bullets. When I asked her, “What does marriage [and, by extension, a relationship] mean to you?”, she responded, in a heartbeat: “A covenant… and not just any covenant, it’s a sacrament, a commitment, one from which you cannot backtrack.”

Continue reading Heard about this guy who’s caused 4,000 breakups?

How Serena Williams is both right and wrong?

By Anamika Chatterjee

When history looks at the events that unfolded at this year’s women’s finals of the US Open, it will judge Serena Williams on several counts. The question we must ask ourselves, however, is, whose history would it be, anyway? The history of the sport or the history of women’s movement? Because if it is the former, there’s little to contest that Williams was wrong. The latter demands that we understand the experience of being Serena Williams — a tennis icon, a trailblazer, a woman and a woman of colour. Continue reading How Serena Williams is both right and wrong?