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What Elon Musk can teach us earthlings

By Nivriti Butalia

The thing I like second best about the CEO of Tesla is that he laughs easily and doesn’t hesitate to say incredible, spontaneous, even silly things in board meetings and interviews (some of which you can catch on YouTube). The best thing is that he’s quick to own his mistakes. Very earnest in that department. Overall, I like the guy. I don’t know what a cyborg dragon is (ref: his latest tweet), and I have zero interest in rockets, galaxies, even cars for that matter. But Elon Musk strikes me as efficient, also as someone who doesn’t sleep much, and a guy who wants fun F&B outlets on Mars. Besides the fun stuff, I don’t know much about his SpaceX shenanigans and his rocket trials. However, I have once taken a ride in a Tesla (what a swanky door, I thought), and to my mind, that qualifies me to have an opinion.

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My friend just gave me a virtual key to his home

By Purva Grover

When cable television made it to our living room, it brought with it HBO and Star Movies. Courtesy of which, I began to consume Hollywood flicks and learnt and unlearnt many things. At the same time, I also began to believe that the ideal and safest place to leave the key to one’s home was under the ‘Welcome’ doormat at the entrance or in the special nook at the top of the front door. You would want those kids in Evil Dead to be able to enter the abandoned house and feel safe, right?

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Go ahead and #DeleteFacebook. But what will that change?

By Vicky Kapur

So, Elon Musk has actually gone ahead and deleted the Facebook pages of Tesla Motors and SpaceX. Good for him. Great for them. Them who? Tesla and Space X, that’s who. And before you ask, it’s because Tesla and SpaceX haven’t really exited Planet Facebook. They’ve just vacated one of the houses they occupied (sure, get onto Facebook and search ’em out before reading further).

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I am not tickled by tech, or being recorded

By Sushmita Bose

Disclaimer: I’m a tech laggard, and I studiously stay away from reading up frequent upgrade reports. Forbidden Fruit has launched yet another new (version of) phone or tablet or a South Korean giant has released something equally compelling or Amazon has come out with Alexa that promises to do all your thinking (and doing) for you — that kind of stuff puts me to sleep instantly… I don’t need the Fitbit sleep monitor to assess my claim.

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