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When I got scammed by the Rosemary Women of Córdoba

By Purva Grover

Do you believe in fortune tellers? Those, who gaze into crystal balls and predict the next big thing in your life. Or those, who read the lines on your forehead or palms to inform you that you’re in for a heartbreak. Or for that matter, do you get curious whilst biting into a fortune cookie, which comes with your cuppa? If yes, then you’d probably be on my side when I tell you that I was curious to meet up with the Rosemary Women of Córdoba, Spain. A quick Google search on Córdoba will familiarise you with the tricks of these ladies. Or let that be; travel to the streets facing Mezquita Cathedral de Córdoba, and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

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Uber a motorbike when you’re in Manila

By Keith Pereña

“Would you like a facemask sir?” The man asked me prior to us setting off to meet my partner who lives an hour away from my place. I turned down his offer and instead put on the helmet he offered, holding it as if it were the precious Crown Jewels – mindful of it not falling on the floor and having the rider look at me in disgust. Thankfully, it slid right over my head and contrary to the memes that the ‘bike taxi’ company put up on Twitter regarding sweaty helmets, I was lucky it wasn’t. This was my first time using Angkas – the Philippines’ take on Uber, the only difference –  instead of a car rolling up to pick you up, it’s a motorcycle.

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A warm, yet uncanny vacay stay

By Purva Grover

A cat is meowing in the corner of a sleepy lane. I can see the confusion on the cab  driver’s face as he wonders if there is enough space for the vehicle to take a left turn. It’s 11 in the night, the husband and I are exhausted, courtesy the unexpected fog, flight delay, airport change, and beyond. We’ve finally made it to Selçuk , a small town in western Turkey, and have to check into a pension (guesthouse) here. It’s going to be a humble lodging arrangement, we’re aware of that. After all, Selçuk is not your popular touristy spot. We (the cabbie and us) mutually agree that it’s better we walk and pull the luggage on the cobbled lane and wake up the entire neighbourhood than test the driver’s reversing skills. The place is so quiet that it feels like a crime to lug around a suitcase with wheels.

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Satiate your wanderlust in 2020

By David Light

Call us suggestible, but don’t you think entering a new decade furnishes you with a revitalised perspective? What was perhaps too trying to accomplish last year, as the period with no name ground to a finish, the beginning of a new era (the ‘Roaring Twenties’, perhaps?) ushers in a wave of possibilities and the energy with which to take them on. Nowhere is this more applicable than when it comes to travel destinations. Toward the close of 2019, we found ourselves running our eyes over tried and tested holiday spots, not possessing the will to venture further afield. Not anymore, however. Since the clock struck midnight on Tuesday/Wednesday morning somehow we were instantly filled with the vigour to tread a more unfamiliar vacation path. Here are some options for the next 12 months.

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Once upon a cottage in Serbia…

By Enid Parker

As I sat on a wooden bench sipping black coffee and watching the sun rise in all its glory on a chilly October morning, I experienced a strange kind of calm. I had no thoughts of what I must do next, and no recollections or regrets from the past. In that moment, all that existed was the moment itself – one of pure beauty and joy, the kind that only nature can provide. I also felt at home. Which was strange, considering we were hundreds of miles away from our home, Dubai. Continue reading Once upon a cottage in Serbia…

How I nearly lost my dad during a getaway

By Tirtho Banerjee

Pacing through the buzzing bazaar — the hub of Pondicherry (Puducherry) — my mind was running riot with apprehensions. My eyes were desperately seeking to sight him in the milling crowd. It was over an hour now and my imagination had started feeding on the negatives. I thought, perhaps, he had gone a little too far into the sea and failed to make it back to the shore. Or maybe, he was hit by a speeding vehicle and could be languishing in a hospital.

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