Fond memories of a chaotic volcano

By Keith Pereña

Apart from cars and bikes passing by every 15-or-so minutes, the only sound you would hear at 5am in Tagaytay in the Philippines is of the wind. The vacation town, famous for its view of the majestic Taal Volcano, had not woken up yet, but the lights of some establishments remained wide open — as if they never needed to sleep. Puddles formed on the cement walkways leading up to the polished floors of our hotel -— which boasted a balcony with a view of the restive geographical ‘marvel’.

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Why Parasite is not for the faint-hearted

By Anamika Chatterjee

Of all the blows Parasite delivers to its audience, the fiercest is a scene where a rich employer complains about the foul smell that comes from his driver’s body. Overhearing this, the driver sniffs his arms to understand if the stench is for real. Living in an underground shanty where intoxicated passersby unburden themselves, this stench is a reality of his world. To his employer, however, it defines his being.

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Why to-do lists don’t work for me

By Delilah Rodrigues

The phone beeps. Alarms remind me of tasks I need to accomplish. Little yellow post-its stuck on the walls scream at me – buy veggies, do the laundry, finish editing, call the plumber, go to the gym. Just thinking about things I need to do makes me break into a sweat. My heart starts pounding. Just then, I hear the husband call out to me. Phew! it was just a dream, but a very sticky one I must say.

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