The grand return of the holiday package deal

By David Light

Similar to Discmans (shouldn’t that be ‘Discmen’?), disposable cameras and Jason Donovan’s TV career, the package holiday looked dead set on being confined to the annals of history. With the introduction of low-cost airlines’ predilection for Web bookings and ‘click here for the best deal’ online hotel portals, come the millennium — millions of you became your own travel agent  tapping away at the computer as fervently as the person in the high street office used to, minus the invariably red blazer and polka-dot tie or scarf. The trend has only increased over the last couple of decades with services such as Airbnb and Skyscanner further enabling travellers to tailor bespoke elements of their trips and phone apps only making the process easier.

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Remembering a genius who made music his soulmate

By Tirtho Banerjee

While on the way to school and back, my young intriguing mind would be invariably drawn to an ‘adult’ poster of The Deep at a cinema hall on Rajpur Road in Dehradun. There was also another poster of the Hindi movie Gharaonda (1977), which appeared staid to a seven-year-old’s eyes. However, one of its songs, Tumhe Ho Na Ho Mujhko To, was so full of zing that I often used to hum it (and still do). Sung by Runa Laila, the track holds a timeless appeal. But few know the man who scored the iconic music for it. Jaidev Verma might have won three National Awards in his career that spanned almost four decades, yet he never got his due and his name has slipped into obscurity.

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Are business cards still a thing today?

By Sandhya D’Mello

There was this time I witnessed my colleague cleaning his office drawer and, without any hesitation, mercilessly throwing a huge bunch of business cards in the dustbin, along with a statement: “I really don’t know what am I going to do with them.” It made me ponder how we all are sometimes desperate to give our visiting card or receive one from some important personality, who we would value or want to get acquainted with; having certain persons’ cards would be a something to flaunt. Continue reading Are business cards still a thing today?

Happy birthday, Harry Potter!

By Janice Rodrigues

Come July 31, our favourite boy wizard will be celebrating yet another birthday. But it’s probably high time we stop referencing Harry Potter as a ‘boy’ wizard; if he was indeed 12 years old in 1992 (mentioned in The Chamber of Secrets when he celebrated the deathday anniversary of Nearly Headless Nick) then the protagonist in J.K. Rowling’s magical series is — wait for it — turning 39 this year. Continue reading Happy birthday, Harry Potter!